About CAPFLEX Networking’s IT Services

CAPFLEX Networking has been providing high quality IT services, including web services, computer sales and service and technical support services since 1999. We are a 100% Canadian owned company and our web servers are located n Canada.

Our mission is “Flexibly Networking Computers and People“. Our goal is that the projects you place in our care will be easier to manage and more effective.

We serve a wide range of clients,  including corporate entities such as Volkswagen Group Canada Port Operations, (a bilingual site), Canada-wide businesses such as Advance Commissions Company of Canada (another bilingual site), retreat centres such as Diana’s Grove in Missouri, national organizations such as Canadian Quakers, small businesses such as Heartfelt in Australia or Made With Love in British Columbia, and small not-for-profits like Smoke Free Kings. We also have made sites for musicians, authors and other artists, and host personal blogs for individuals. Whatever your size, need or budget, we can work with you.

The founder and owner of CAPFLEX Networking, Bruce Dienes,  has a degree in Photographic Arts from Ryerson in Toronto and has worked in commercial photography for many years. He also has a strong background in community development and communications, with a Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has been teaching Community Psychology at Mount Saint Vincent University since 2003. As early as 1997 he was working with cutting edge technology to research and develop community economic development strategies using Internet technologies at the Centre for Community and Enterprise Networking at the University College of Cape Breton (now Cape Breton University). This included marketing of cultural products, technical support, and developingand demonstrating remote management capabilities. This background give Bruce a unique insight into the realities and needs of small business, rural enterprises and not-for-profit organizations. Bruce has been using the Internet since 1988 – before the World Wide Web existed – and is ready to bring his experience to bear on your project with IT services that are affordable, reliable and customized to your needs. Contact CAPFLEX Networking today and lets get started!