Swimming through the software swamp!

Are you confused by the range of options for computer security software, backup software, digital media management, and other utilities? When looking for software to tune up your PC or Mac, you can often be overwhelmed with the number of competing programs, all claiming to be the best. Which actually are? And which are the best for your specific situation and hardware? Which are just PHISHing for your personal data or waiting to infect your computer with viruses?
To help out, CAPFLEX Networking has made available a list of recommended programs under our “Software” menu. All of these are state-of-the-art products and reasonably priced.
If you or your company need a more detailed analysis of your software needs for computer maintenance (tune up software, file management, etc.) and security (antivirus, antispyware, advanced firewall, etc.), CAPFLEX Networking can consult with you to optimize your choices. For example, you can save a bundle in some cases by purchasing multi-license packages instead of individual installations for your workstations.
Browse through the selections we have on the web site, and feel free to contact us for customized consultation.