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TotalRecovery 7 Pro is all you need to completely protect your PC from an unexpected disaster. Ensure that photos, music, documents, and other important files on your PC are well protected or can easily be recovered. Set your PC backup schedule, and TotalRecovery backup software will automatically back up your data without delaying or disrupting any work in progress.

TotalRecovery 7 Express is a “Green Application” that provides complete PC backup recovery with no installation required. Simply restart your system and boot into the TotalRecovery 7 Express built-in operating system to backup or restore your entire system or files. It’s fast, easy and leaves no imprint on your hard drive!

VirtualDrive Network 12 is a digital archiving program that creates compressed files, or “virtual discs,” from software, video, photo, and music CDs and DVDs. Build thousands of virtual discs and run them 200X faster than you do with original discs! Ideal for educational institutions, government agencies, and businesses.

PC Recovery
creates an image of your entire PC, including the operating system, applications, settings, photos, and emails. The image is put into a hidden partition, allowing users to restore their systems to the image, with the simple touch of a hotkey. When you restore, you will not lose Windows updates or any files.