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SEO Copywriting Made Simple

Have you given up in despair of ever keeping up with ever changing SEO practices? Tired of going to multiple sources to get the information you need? You need Scribe SEO!

Scribe  will work with several platforms, but if you are looking for a quick and easy way to optimize WordPress sites that have an SEO-friendly theme, this is definitely the tool for you.

What’s innovative about Scribe is in the way it differs from typical SEO tools. Instead of asking you for a keyword phrase and then pushing you to construct content around it, Scribe SEO:

  • Analyzes what you’ve already written, preserving your natural flow

  • Reveals what search engines will think you’re writing about

  • Suggests changes to better reflect the language searchers are using

  • Guides you through remaining content elements based on SEO best practices

With Scribe SEO you’ll:

  • Optimize content faster

  • Eliminate guesswork about keywords

  • Employ SEO best practices

  • Preserve maximum readability

  • Increase targeted traffic!

Easy, effective, economical.

SEO Copywriting Made Simple

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While other platforms are on the way, right now Scribe SEO works through a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal plugin combined with an API (tech jargon for saying one piece of software talks to another).

The API key you’ll receive when you sign up allows you to tap into the content optimization algorithm on their servers right from your WordPress, Joomla or  Drupal interface.
Alternatively, there is a web based interface where you can paste in the HTML content of any web page and run an analysis. 

  • Advanced: 300 evaluations a month (around 100 pages or posts) for $97
  • Publisher: 120 evaluations a month (around 40 pages or posts) for $47
  • Starter: 30 evaluations a month (around 10 pages or posts) for $27

Money-saving annual plans also available.

Learn more about SEO, and how Scribe SEO can help you, by downloading the free report below:

SEO Copywriting Report