Web Services

CAPFLEX Networking offers a full range of affordable web design and hosting services including domain name registration and search engine optimization.

We can register all types of domain names, from .com to .ca, from info to .name, from .fm to .tv, from .org to .net and other specialized TLDs like .mobi for sites catering to mobile phone users. We can give you advice as to how many domains you need to secure to prevent others from trying to take away business from you! While you can register domains yourself, we find that clients often lost track of the renewal dates, and sites will go down if a domain is not renewed on time. CAPFLEX Networking can manage all your domain registrations and keep them updated in a timely manner.

We host and design web sites and email discussion lists on a fast, reliable server located in Canada. The server has multiple redundant connections to the internet, power backup, and climate controlled environment. For a small fee we can arrange for your data to be backed up daily, either to tape or to a second server located in a different facility. That way even a direct meteor hit won’t result in a loss of your data!!

We specialize in providing affordable web design and hosting services for small businesses, not-for-profits, churches and individuals. But we also have contracts with large corporations. See our web design page for more information and for screen shots of sites. We also specialize in setting up web sites using WordPress that are easily updatable by the ned user without needing programming skills. If you can use a word processor and a web browser, you can use WordPress! Whether you need a personal blog or a more complex web site, we can save you a bundle by creating a web site that you can manage yourself. You can provide your own logos, graphics and text or we can provide graphic design services that strengthen your web presence and can be integrated into a wider corporate image on letterhead, business cards and signage.