Web Design

Businesses (SMBs)
You can provide your own logos, graphics and text or we can provide graphic design services that strengthen your web presence and can be integrated into a wider corporate image on letterhead or business cards.

PineView Inn Kentville
Pine View Inn
Stonebear Tracks and Trails
Advance Commission Company
Avance Accélérée
Jane Moody
Lesley Hartman


Corporate Websites

For over 10 years CAPFLEX Networking has developed and hosted Extranets for Volkswagen-Audi Port Operations in Canada, Houston, TX and Davisville, RI. The online database is updated daily so that dealers and staff can access port inventory and track shipments of vehicles.

VW-Audi Canada (English)
VW-Audi Canada (Français)
VW-Audi Port Davisville
VW-Audi Houston




Looking for something a bit more professional than MySpace? Owning your own website and domain name is much more respectable and makes a better impression.

Sara and Kamila
Suzanne Balcom
Erika Kulnys


Charitable Organizations

No matter what your budget is, we offer affordable web-design for your organization.

Smoke Free Kings
Wolfville Area Inter-Church Council
Compassionate Cup Ministries



Easily upload photo or video of your work in the constituency, keep people up-to-speed on current issues, and more. Have complete control over reaching out and informing your constituents!

Jim Morton, Kings North MLA


Blogs/Special Interest

Some individuals are put off by the notion they won’t be able to afford to update once they purchase and set up their site. With WordPress, you can keep it current and update pages yourself at no extra cost.
Even if you do not choose WordPress, adding a blog to your site is simple.

Zoltan Dienes
Sea Talk


Fast, reliable service. Creative, affordable design, Contact us for a quote on your web project.